LED Lighting for a generation

The current offering includes easy to use linear light fixtures for cove, accent and display lighting, lumiPANE slim light panels, as well as a versatile range of LED lighting components and controls that can be used in an almost infinite number of ways - we are limited only by the imagination of the designer.


Outdoor linear direct view LED fixture for delineation applications. Uniform lighting provides a silhouette effect. Installations worldwide

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tab-iconLFA Series

Economical range of linear fixture for cove lighting applications. Wide range of color temperature options with a range of lumen output options

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Most of the YYZ fixtures are dimmable using the YYZ dimming modules. These modules accept a wide range of industry standard dimming signal inputs

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LFG Linear Wall
Washing and Wall Grazing fixture

Introducing simple and elegant LFG Series linear fixture for Crisp Monochrome Wall Washing & Wall Grazing application. The use of secondary high performance lens delivers an uniform smooth controlled lighting across the surface without any light spills. This surface mount fixture delivers ample lumens in a highly controlled photometrics, creating stunning lighting effects. LFG is the next generation product of the YYZ Easy Grazer that has been used for several Wall Grazing & Wall Washing application in large scale projects worldwide.

YYZ Projects

Indoor Fixtures

Extensive range of indoor fixtures for cove, backlighting, accent lighting and wall grazing or washing applications offering since 2004. Wide choice for fixture lengths, color temperature and lumen options. Applications world wide on land marks projects.

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Outdoor Fixtures

Carefully designed range of outdoor fixtures for the challenging outdoor applications. Range of Wall Washers, Wall Grazers and direct view fixtures. Proven fixture performance in adverse weather conditions worldwide.

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Product Applications

YYZ Products are designed for a variety of application such as Indoor Cove Lighting, Accent Lighting, Wall Washing & Wall Grazing, Back Lighitng Applications as well as similar outdoor applications. YYZ fixtures are unique in lighting performance and lumen output surpassing the competition. Please contact factory for custom applications or requirements.

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